Marshall Specialist Joinery brings to life the ideas of architects, interior designers, and contractors. On their behalf we create bespoke joinery in natural materials to help make beautiful properties.

We have the resources in our Devon workshops to design and manufacture windows, doors, staircases and other pieces in any dimensional variations and quantities. We work with contractors' project managers to ensure our exceptional joinery is delivered on time to the most exacting standards.

The majority of our clients are in London so once or twice each week, to fit in with individual site construction programmes, we deliver to areas such as Belgravia, Kensington and Hampstead.

How we work

Building Contractors

Not only can we design and build beautiful joinery we can also be relied upon to delivery quality workmanship and the right joinery items to site at the agreed time.


Combining architects initial ideas and using our extensive knowledge of materials and years of experience we achieve the relevant building codes without compromising design.

Interior Designers

Bespoke joinery requires creativity and woodmanship skills which combine to enable interior designers to achieve their visual continuity throughout the interior and exterior joinery.