Our Story

As a young man, Henry Marshall started out making musical instruments using a combination of flair and instinct. At some point, clearly skilled at working with wood, a neighbour asked if he could make him some windows. Henry set aside guitars to concentrate on the manufacture of windows and other joinery, developing skills he researched and taught himself. By producing high quality interior and exterior joinery, Henry’s new business attracted orders from country houses and hotels in South West England. The reputation of Marshall Specialist Joinery Ltd, began to spread, and he was referred to London clients concerned foremost with quality. For many years, most of the company’s joinery has been for residential projects in West London and surrounding boroughs.

The company has developed specific specialisms including innovative techniques to make bespoke internal doors that can also be fire certified, and windows that are smooth acting, draught- and weatherproof. In addition to the traditional craft skills of its time-served joiners, the company now employs computer-aided design and manufacturing where possible. This allows the production of complex geometries on bespoke projects such as staircases and ensures increased accuracy, repeatability and production efficiency on larger projects.