Repeating History


We specialise in producing exact replicas of historic joinery. The matching of new joinery to an original is key in the preservation of the integrity of the architectural environment. Whether the intention is to replace a damaged piece, replace an original at risk in a high traffic area, allowing it to be preserved in storage, or retain the original features when remodelling, we have the capability and attention needed to craft an identical twin.


We use both conventional bench joinery techniques and CNC machines. CNC machines provide improved speed and consistency and allow a different timber-milling method to be used. We can match any moulding profiles with either existing cutters or by designing bespoke cutters.

We would always recommend uprating joinery if at all possible. For external joinery, modern materials notably seals, brush strips and double-glazing, can make a huge difference to thermal performance and the ability to withstand the weather. We can design in the necessary channels to accommodate these features in an unobtrusive way.

For internal doors, uprating often involves a complete redesign to achieve FD30 or FD60 fire rating. To replace an aged door we start off from a fireproof door blank and by a combination of processes and veneers we can replicate any original features, or indeed design new unique doors with for example brass inlays, panelled or raised details to suit your interior design.